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How to successfully analyse football matches

Match analysis for betting is a major component of successful betting in bookmakers. Whatever betting strategy is used, you can't do without a qualitative and thorough analysis of events.

The opinion should be supported by many facts, not based on a few factors. It is important to comprehensively analyze the match and not to miss information that affects the result.

Attitude and motivation are the most important factors

Among the main factors affecting the outcome of a match is its importance to the opponents. Teams may be playing a friendly or a cup duel, competing in an insignificant match, or facing off in the World Cup.

Proper analysis begins with an assessment of the importance of the event. Leading teams compete in many tournaments, so sometimes they sacrifice some to perform better in others. In lower priority competitions clubs send reserve or sub-optimal lineup because you can not give your best in every match. Athletes need to rest.

When evaluating importance, focus your attention on these points.

Principle. Derby is a confrontation of clubs from the same city or town, which compete not only in sports. It is not easy to predict such events.

A rematch. After a devastating defeat, one wants not just to beat the opponent, but to do so with a big score and unconditional.

Motivation is the first factor that overrides the form of the opponents, the position in the standings, and other components.

Determine the psychology of each confrontation. If a team is fighting for survival, there is no pressure, so players show a strong game even with the leaders. West Bromwich lost in many rounds, but in the end, tried to keep a place in the top division. The team gave out a number of sensational results, but when it did not help, again lost without a chance.

Statistical Analysis

The history of face-to-face duels is not the main criterion for parsing, but there are nuances. If a club is high up on the table but has not won against an upcoming opponent for several seasons, it is better to refrain from betting.

When studying statistics, consider not just the results of matches, but separately at home and away, against strong and weak teams.

Look at the table when at least 5-8 rounds have been played. Do not take into account the tournament position after the offseason. Squads are changing: newcomers and core players are leaving, so after the break, the team may play differently.

Do not base your selection only on the previous results of the teams. In the season there can be a series of matches against the leaders and outsiders. In the first case, the average team will often lose, and in the second - win. Although, the level of play will not change.